Windows Phone 7 CTP April Refresh - Bing Maps Silverlight Control

The April refresh of the Windows Phone 7 CTP was released the other day, and for some reason the BingMapsTask has been removed from this release and im assuming that this had led to the Bing Maps Silverlight control not working.

Ive asked a few people on the dev team about a work around, but Ive yet to receive a response. Im guessing that it would simply be a case of adding a new capability to the WMAppManifest.xml file.


My assumption that the removal of the BingMapsTask being removed prevented the Silverlight control from working was incorrect.

As Ryan has stated below, it was merely the issue of the Authenticode Signed Assemblies failing to load, as detailed in Tim Heur's post

As Ryan correctly states, this workaround needs to be applied to
Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.dll and System.Windows.Browser, but it also needs applying to Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.Common

Apologies if my initial post misled anyone, it wasnt my intention.


  1. Hey Andy,
    I was finally able to get the Bing Maps Silverlight control to work with the April CTP Refresh. I was aware that there is a workaround for one of the bugs that was released with this refresh, which is detailed in Tim Heuer's blog here (Authenticode signed assemblies fail to load):

    Anyway, I used that workaround script a dozen or so times on the Microsoft.Maps.MapControl DLL and it was still giving me errors. The problem was that in order to get that MapControl to work, you have to add a reference to System.Windows.Browser.dll from the Silverlight SDK directory. One thing I overlooked was that this assembly is also authenticode-signed, so that workaround script needs to be run on that DLL as well.

    Also note that none of this requires BingMapsTask.

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks very much for this. Id just assumed it was related to the BingMapsTask being removed from the refresh, as stated in the release note.

    Apologies if my assumption has caused you any problems.

  3. I tried this, but I still get the error with WP7_CTP_Fix_System.Windows.Browser.dll It STILL fails to load. anyone know why?

  4. Hi Daniel Larsen,

    Here is a tip - keep the original name of System.Windows.Browser.dll after running powershell script on it. I personally renamed WP7_CTP_Fix_System.Windows.Browser.dll before adding reference to it in my solution.
    My application runs with no errors but I still have this black screen on my emulator. More surprisingly to me it shows the map in debugging mode. Anyone tell me how to fix it?

  5. Hi,
    I used the workaround script on the Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.dll and Microsoft.Maps.MapControl.Common.dll.
    Cert removal was successful.The same script throws exception for System.Windows.Browser DLL but the new DLL with WP7_CTP_Fix prefix gets generated.After adding the new references my application still fails to run throwing a System.IO.FileLoadException
    What am I missing here


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