Windows Phone 7 CTP - Events when the phone is locked

If you've seen my initial blog post regarding the development of a Jogging application for Windows Phone 7 then you'll have seen that I raised a concern about developing the application further.

Basically I was concerned that when the phone is locked, either manually or due to a lack of activity from the end user, that the application would go into a paused state thereby rendering this type of application useless. I asked this question to Peter Torr (Microsoft Program Manager), and unfortunately this is the current behavior. On a positive note he has stated that this area is still under investigation, so fingers crossed this may get resolved prior to launch.

My gut feeling is that this would be addressed as lucrative Sat Nav applications would also be affected by the same problem, unless there's a way to code around this.

The full response from Peter follows:

"Hi Andy,

The current builds pause the application when the phone locks (not that you can really lock the emulator) but we have been investigating ways to change this behavior for launch. You won't notice any changes in the up-coming refresh (sorry, I don't have a date for it) but any changes we make would come after that.



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